Father Sky, Spirit





The Air, the Wind, the Breath


Air has movement as the essence of His nature. Movement with no impediments describes the environment that the Mind experiences when we’re awake. It’s the vast realm of any thought that can possibly be thought.

Without the obstructions of space and time, the Mind can leap from past to future, or be anywhere imaginable just by imagining it distance be damned. This is the true nature of where our heads are at, so to speak.

Air's domain claims the attribute of heat, because heat relates to movement. Molecules move faster when heat is applied. So summer and a high noon are associated with Air or Spirit’s time of strongest influence.

Air is also known as Father Sky. He is the Father because it’s His seed of consciousness planted in matter that became the life force, the power of evolution and the mind.



Unlike instinct, the Thought Realm no longer compels behavior. It is the choice of a separate mode of functioning from instinct, a realm of infinite possibility. The Thought Realm offers the Mind freedom to direct itself in any of a zillion directions.


He is the power behind the patriarchy in all its forms. His energy is our state in adulthood, the adult world of commerce, finance, military, laws and government. The absence of the laws of nature meant we needed to create our own.




Air or Consciousness is the state of duality because instinctive knowing is our primary state. We are born solely compelled by instinctual drives with no intellect to reflect on our behavior.

Our individual minds are secondary, slowly developing throughout childhood. The two are merged together until adulthood when we enter the Thought Realm, Air, Spirit. At that point we undergo an inner division. Our instincts remain behind in the Body and our Minds leave the physical world and move into the thought realm. We’re dualistic because the two combined govern our behavior, often inflicting a state of inner conflict.



Conflict is the obvious result. Clearly having only one possible mode of action eliminates the conflict that arises with two, and when there's only two of anything, they have to be opposites.


But our division is not without compensation. Unlike the wholeness of instinct, the Thought Realm offers the capacity to see the multitude of forms from a separate perspective. An amazing, almost unending variety of breadth and beauty is offered to the mind through the senses and beyond them.




To enter the realm of Consciousness and leave the sure wisdom of instinct behind could feel like a free fall. Few adults fail to look back and wonder at the level of fearless confidence their younger selves seemed to posses.

Along with a general discomfort of being on our own for the first time as new citizens to the freedom of the skies, we simultaneously go through internal division. For the first time our minds disconnect from the sure force of instinct that had been our constant friend and guide since the day we were born.