It was the survival instinct that compelled Paleolithic man to transcend the instinctual level. With the use of tools and fire, he employed technology to compensate for poor physical adaptation. This strategy proved so successful it became our primary evolutionary thrust. To make a long story short, the result to date is that we are no longer compelled by instinctual drives…however we are far from free of them. We lie somewhere between our primal instincts and this new mode of existence; a state in which we can, to a large degree, redirect and focus the mind on whatever we choose.


We have striven ever since to leave behind our animal roots, which have doggedly never stopped following us. Suppression and repression has only succeeded in giving them a sort of autonomy. The more we eliminate them from consciousness, the less conscious control we have over them. They still however exist and exert influence. With or without our knowledge, we engage in a daily power struggle. The two sides of ourselves battle for the upper hand, while we identify ourselves with only one part of our whole beings.