We are blocked from direct experience by a framework of perceptions we begin to construct almost as soon as we are born. To open up to new possibilities, we have to start by dismantling what we think we know.
Systemized methods for reconnecting have existed as long as the division itself. We call them 'Religion', a word that means 'union'.But, while any form of systemization might be a good place to start, in the end, the process is highly individualistic.
The level that we are able to focus our attention on integrating can vastly aid in the process. Instead of engaging in a battle we cannot win, we could learn ways to reconnect.



Playing itself out internally and differently in each personality, this process is not readily apparent on a mass scale. Even to the individual, the impact might not be recognized or even consciously acknowledged because we are completely unaware of what’s taking place. To achieve a successful outcome, that will have to change, hopefully sooner than later.