The Mind


The Element of Fire transforms solid beingness (Earth) in the form of wood into the Air as smoke and ash. In parallel our Minds transform the physical world our senses perceive (Earth) into Thoughts (Air).



He is the springtime

the stirring of life and movement that’s released from winter’s frozen grip.


He is the morning

the coming back to life after sleep’s dormant stillness.




Fire is the power of evolution, transformation and combustion


burning away what we’ve been

So that we can be

what we can become.



He is the life force buried in matter

movement buried in inertia.




He is the state of our energy during adolescence because He brings the mind from being one with the body, into the Realm of Consciousness. The height of His influence is the point of transition from the Physical Realm to the Conscious dimension.
We are born completely instinctual. As children we develop our separate mind while still largely operated by instinct.


At adolescence, we’re 50:50. At that age we have a level of confidence that’s often lost later in life. That’s because we’ve developed who we are, but at the same time we’re still fully connected to the sure knowing of instinct.



Although this knowing manifests as power and confidence, it's a time lacking the rational judgment developed later in life. Also we don’t have the ability to fully control and focus our energy. We are still too under the influence of our instincts.


Fire is the Brother and the Son the seed of Consciousness planted long ago in Matter’s womb, born of instinct.

When the Mind is born each morning into Consciousness, the Father’s realm, he and his Sister, Emotion, divide their Mother’s wholeness as they move into duality.  While each night they combine back into wholeness once again as we fall asleep.


But there is a problem. It started back in the 16th century with Rene Decartes’ assertion “I think therefore I am”.
With that statement he declared the Mind to be responsible for his very existence…and mankind has yet to question that assertion. He also believed in its unstoppable power and capacity to unravel all the mysteries of the Universe, that given time and effort the Mind could KNOW ALL.

But it can't...




Not without the rest of you...

This writing is about a viewpoint of the world in which the Mind does not dominate. It takes its proper place as one aspect of our beings.

Obviously you need your Mind to grasp what you read here on this page. Problem is, it’s not going to like what I have to say. For starters you are not your Mind. You are awareness. Awareness exists primarily in the Mind, but to identify with just the Mind allows the rest of your being to operate without you. You are compiled of your mind, your emotions, your body and Spirit. You mean to apply your Mind to what you’re reading, but as you know, it doesn’t always work. Truly the Mind has a Mind of its own.



But the Mind is responsible for a good deal of the comforts we have that our animal friends do not. He offered us warmth in the winter and through the Mind’s inventiveness we’ve had protection from the other Elements.
In mythology He is Jesus Christ and before that He was Prometheus, bringer of Fire to mankind.