As science tells us, on a molecular level, the only difference between rock and air is how fast the molecules move. Well it’s like that. It is molecular inertia that creates manifestation, physical reality. The less movement it has the more beingness or solidity. Earth and sky are expressions of the original division of the energy of the universe. The energy that could move, did. It became Father Sky. That which stayed put became Mother Earth.





The Earth and Sky are also metaphors for our outer world and our inner world. In the outer world our bodies exist in the physical arena (Earth). In the inner world our Minds exist in a mental arena, a realm of nonbeingness and unrestricted movement (Sky), a continuous stream of every conceivable thought that could possibly be imagined.


But when movement first left beingness (Earth) behind, there was no thing for it to move. And what good are a gazillion thoughts if there’s no one to think them? Movement requires beingness as much as beingness needs movement, and besides, the Universal energy can’t remain broken in two forever. Divided or not, She’s still one Universe.