When we sleep, deep dreamless sleep, our Minds no longer function as individual consciousness. We‘ve become one with our Body’s consciousness.
It’s not till dreams appear that our Mind first starts to stir. Struggling to break free from inertia’s grip, we slowly begin to function, eventually shedding our Body’s efforts to keep us immersed as one in sleep.



Like the rising sun, our Minds emerge into consciousness, Father Sky. Throughout the day from one thought to the next, we move through our familiar state of duality. Of course Mind and Body remain connected by the five senses. Through the senses our bodies offer impressions of the physical world, which our Minds dissolve into thought.


This covers three of the four parts of our cycle. It begins with the Body in deep sleep; the Mind as it transitions from sleep into consciousness is the 2nd phase. The 3rd is Consciousness (Sky), our fully awakened state. And the 4th is falling back into sleep.
The trip from our daytime consciousness back down into the bodies is a highly significant phase energetically. This is the sector belonging to our emotions and is covered in the section on Water, the emotions.