The Fall to Grace

Humanity, the human species is drastically different from any other species on the planet.

Instead of adapting to our environment to survive, we survive by adapting the environment to us. In this way we have set ourselves apart. In this way we have torn ourselves apart.

More than 100,000 years ago, like the rest of earth’s creatures, our behavior was completely dictated by instinctual drives. Instincts provided a state of oneness with creation and ourselves because there was only one course of action--given through evolution, designed by creation herself.




Life was pretty straight forward. If you come across a guy chowing down on a drumstick and you’re hungry, you ask yourself one question: “Can I take ‘em?” Even without the capacity for reason, our ancestors were warned by their survival instinct; when you're staring down a saber-toothed tiger or maybe a tyrannosaurus, the answer is invariably “no”. Problem was, back in the day we were ill equipped to pick a fight with much of the competition.