It's a little like logic...

Because the idea is; since God is Wholeness and Everything as One, to alter His Being, He divided. What else was there for Him to do? This is how Akasha came into being. A particle of Unity, divided into two identical halves.
Originally She’s all that existed alongside God’s perfection. It seems somewhat logical She would seek a way to heal her broken state and return to Her former perfection and Oneness as a part of Eternity. So obviously She needed to change and change requires movement.


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But She was Wholeness, containing both sides of the opposites still intact as one, so initiating Movement broke Her into a pair of opposites, Movement and Inertia.
To evolve the Universe divides, steps away from Herself so that She can see Herself.

Then comes back together and integrates what’s been seen

to create a new world incorporating or rectifying Her previous creation.

And the process continues.
From one step to the next, it’s basically a logical progression.