It's a little like madness...

Because until now the reintegration with our instinctual side would likely result in the dissolution of our individual conscious awareness.
Temporary reintegration can be achieved through meditation, a controlled and voluntary immersion into the unconscious where practitioners reconnect with the original state of oneness, our state at birth.


In this instance, the experience of the dissolution of individuality yields positive results from the reconnection with the whole of our beings. The process that is described here is similar in that involves a reintegration with our original oneness, our instinctual beings.

However, the evolution from instinctual animals to human beings has been the process of developing an individual will, (known as ego), rather than being compelled by our instinctual impulses.


It took hundreds of thousands of years for our species to be strong enough to hold our own against the drive of the instincts. Unless firmly established, the individual will is at risk of being overwhelmed by the influence of the primal will. The inability to establish a firm boundary capable of protecting the ego is known as clinical psychosis.

So yeah, that’s actually a lot like madness but not to worry. The level of evolution that we have reached has made us so capable of establishing our ego boundaries that, at this point, we suffer from a complete disconnect from the rest of our beings.

 The reintegration of the two halves of the Universe offers to heal the all too common condition of inner disconnect while the strong ego boundaries we’ve built during our evolution, are able to keep us well protected from the process of reintegration.