Well this is the Truth of our existence:



Our bodies exist in the physical realm and have their own consciousness or knowing we call instinct. The primal will that's shared by all the physical world. 

While our minds have no physical existence.  When we're awake, we're connected to the physical world through the information offered by our bodies' five senses. Our minds exist in a completely different dimension that we know very little about.


Over the course of the last 2,000 years we've become more and more divided. With one part of ourselves staring at another, we've become our own worst enemy.


It's time for the shift in perception that allows us to see both sides, the shift that allows us to see the whole Truth.  


This site takes our perspective beyond duality.

From outside the picture frame we can see our totality; what the pieces are and how they fit together.


This is not dream or delusion, it's our next evolution.

It's a vision that holds the potential for each of us to live our lives deeply conscious and with the whole of our beings,

having harmony and love inwardly that reflects itself outwardly, 

And it's a vision offered for all the world that it can be a world transformed by enlightened love. This is the next evolution.

Welcome to the Evolution