There’s a shift taking place, not just in mankind; the entire Universe is going through a major change. Thousands if not millions of people worldwide are aware something's happening. And even those that haven’t seen or felt the signs can look at the world and see that the status quo cannot continue. We're at the point of change or perish.



    But what is happening?

Where’s the change we’re all waiting for?

The change this world so desperately needs?



This site explains a framework that looks at the Universe from a new perspective, same facts, different take. It can’t be fully grasped by the human Mind. Our Minds alone don’t work that way. Good news is we are at the dawning of a new day, to beat to death an old cliché.

We’ve been living “in our heads" By that we mean in our Minds.



It’s time to step back and see what we really are.

There's more to us than just our minds. This framework speaks to more than just our Minds. It’s not built on faith. It doesn’t demand you believe to receive. The proof of its truth is that it can make sense of our experience of being human.

What am I talking about?

      At its core it’s quite simple: 

To evolve the energy of the Universe divides, separates and comes back together on continual bases.

For the past 2,000 years mankind has been on one side of the division.

The energy of the Universe is reintegrating, allowing us to experience wholeness in a whole new way.


The sound of two hands clapping…